Economic Development

We believe that for real economic development to occur, people must have opportunities for education and employment. By increasing access to these resources, as well


Supporting Families

ADRA is there for the families and orphans who are without food, shelter, and

Welcome to ADRA Rwanda

Rwanda with the support of the Government of Rwanda and stakeholders around the world reached 260,383 women,children, people with disabilities, men and elderly people in 2014

Hear What People Say About ADRA Rwanda

  • Pastor-Hesron-Byilingiro-quotes
    ADRA RWANDA has been closely operating with the Government of Rwanda to boost the welfare of Rwandese population for now more than 37 years. In a particular way, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Rwanda is so much blessed on how God has been leading His Work through ADRA Rwanda. With ADRA, the fulfillment of the Seventh-day Adventist’s mission as for outreaching needy people without any discrimination based on gender, age, religion, region, etc, is visible across Rwanda
    Pastor Hesron Byilingiro
  • Alphonse-Munyantwali--quotes
    We are very grateful to ADRA Rwanda for you contribution to the Rwanda Government development endeavor. It has been of great value to work with you through Joint Action Development forum. One of the development forums for one of the districts in our province is even headed by an ADRA Rwanda staff, and we are proud of this. We need to do all we do together, we don’t want to hide anything. Your work is primarily the responsibility of the Government of Rwanda, we appreciate this cooperation with ADRA Rwanda
    Alphonse Munyantwali
  • Paul-Kenya-quotes
    I like the way ADRA Rwanda works,…the way you involve your Board members, taking to the field such people from different career backgrounds for visiting activities, is very great. I see commitment in ADRA Rwanda staff and this is good, we really acknowledge such loyalty
    Paul Kenya



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