Project Duration:               1st April to 31st December 2013

Donor:                                   DANIDA Through ADRA DK

Geographical area:            Kamonyi and Muhanga Districts/Southern Province

Target Beneficiaries: 935 Youth people, 437 females and 498 males

Project Goal:           Youth in Rwanda are active players in the economic development of their local communities and are dynamic participants in the ongoing reconciliation processes.

Project Summary: Youth for Unity Project worked with three youth groups in selected sectors with total project was focusing its activities on the positive change of individuals through community development initiatives especially youths targeting economic empowerment. It promoted self-help associations and cooperatives, group dynamics, management, resource mobilization, bank savings and credit and entrepreneurship. In this regard, it played the role of linkage between the youth groups and local microfinance institutions (SACCO Umurenge). The project was targeting not only youth economic empowerment but also the ongoing unity and reconciliation process within groups and in their local communities as well.

Project Duration:               August 2008 – June 2013

Donor:                                               USAID/ PEPFAR.

Geographical area:            Gatsibo, Kayonza and Nyagatare Districts, in Eastern Province

Target Beneficiaries: 2,033 (27 Associations and 9 Cooperatives)

Project goal: Ensure high quality, sustainable, comprehensive services are improved for People Living with HIV & AIDS and orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda.

Project Objectives: Ibyiringiro project support people living with HIV (PLHIV) and OVC by providing knowledge and skills that help to maintain their body strong. It provides training in nutrition (balanced diet), Kitchen garden, management of IGA, saving and internal lending communities (SILC). In addition the project builds the capacity of PLHIV associations to become active cooperatives. It also supports some PLHIV cooperatives in their IGA to help them produce more in quality and quantity, It provides goats to the most vulnerable families; vocational training to out school OVC and scholastic materials to in school OVC among others.

Project Duration:               April-December 2013

Donor:                                   Polish AID.

Geographical area:            Kayonza District

Target beneficiaries: The targeted beneficiaries for this project were 530 HHS of people living with HIV/AIDS, among them, 468 were female and 62 were Male headed HHs.

Project Goal: Contribute to Improved Hygiene and sanitation situation for PLWHA households in Kayonza District.

Project Objectives: Improve sanitation environment among households in Kayonza district by 2013. To strengthen community capacity by promoting and maintaining good sanitation among PLWHA households in Kayonza district by 2013.

Project Summary: ADRA Rwanda proposed “UBUZIMA BWIZA” Project II geared towards contributing to the improvement of Hygiene and sanitation situation among PLWHA households to benefit women, men, and children in 530 households in Rukara, Gahini, Mwiri, Mukarange and Murundi sectors of Kayonza District. With the goal of contributing to Improved Hygiene and sanitation for PLWHA households in Kayonza District, the project was implemented over 9 months period and directly be contributing to the achievement of GoR Vision 2020 cross cutting issue no. 2 regarding the protection of environment, as well as MDGs 4 and 6, hence hinged on government priority areas. The project achieved 541 pit-latrines constructed and 01 Health

Project duration :               1996-2014

Donor:                                   REACH Italia, and private individuals donors.

Geographical area               APADE SCH, ESCAF SCH, KAGASUNZU

Target Beneficiaries: : 494 Orphan and other vulnerable children (226 girls and 268 boys)

Project Goal: To improve the current and future well-being of orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda through provision of primary and secondary education

Project Summary: Sponsorship program cover two components: Orphans and Vulnerable Children Education and Gift in Kind. Orphans and Vulnerable Children Education: ADRA Rwanda has since 1996 implemented an Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Program thru various donations, individuals and foundations supporting vulnerable students and schools. REACH Italia, and private individuals’ partnership with ADRA Rwanda Sponsorship Program implement education programs in one hundred eleven schools. This program supported education at two levels with focus on primary and secondary.

Project Duration:               December 2012 – March 2014

Donor:                                   DFATD (Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (Former CIDA)

Geographical area:            Gatsibo and Kayonza Districts in Eastern Province

Target Beneficiaries: 6,080 households (36,480 people). Particular attention was given to households headed by women, with children under 5, with people living with HIV/AIDs (PLWH), and with elderly people through 136 cooperatives in 13 sectors.

Project Goal: Increased food security among women, men, girls and boys most vulnerable to climate change in the refugee/returnee areas of Gatsibo and Kayonza Districts in Rwanda.

Project Summary: The project provides trainings, start-up inputs in permaculture kitchen gardening with integrated organic pest management, training in Water harvesting/saving irrigation, Post-harvest techniques, Climate change and environment protection including promotion of smokeless improved cooking stoves, Protective agro-forestry: Tree planting through households and cooperatives, Environmental committee capacity building, gender equality, Women empowerment, Financial management, leadership and literacy training, Health and nutrition training

Project Duration:               1st July 2011 to June 2014

Donor:                                   DFID through ADRA UK

Geographical area:            Eastern Province, Districts of Bugesera,
Gatsibo, Kayonza, Kirehe, Ngoma,
Nyagatare, Rwamagana.

Target Beneficiaries: The targeted beneficiaries include: 5600 learners (80% female), 140 Instructors, 28 CSO staff, 102 women district council leaders, 102 district education staff.

Project Goal: Increase adult literacy rates to 90% by 2015

Project Summary: The project aims to increase adult literacy levels through equitable access to appropriate learning and life skills programs by 2015. It is contributing to the increase of: national literacy rates, targeted women demonstrating literacy skills, and women engaged in decision-making processes (sector level and below). The project works to improve Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) programs for women in the 7 Districts of Eastern Province, Rwanda. The project continues to facilitate; the adoption of a national FAL policy implementation framework and curriculum by the government, the national FAL network, build the capacity of 7 CSO’s and state actors (national and local) to implement FAL programs across the Province, build the capacity of 7 CSO’s to advocate for women’s rights to education.

Project Duration: January – December 2013


Geographical area: Bugesera district, Rwamagana district

Project Goal: Support government Programme of Early Childhood Development by construction of classrooms and outdoor plays and provides a range of programs and services designed to ensure children get the best possible start in life.

Project Summary: The Government of Rwanda recognizes that young children’s early experiences and environment are essential for child’s physical, social/emotional and cognitive development. ADRA brought his experience in constructing school with standardized set up and outdoor equipment for a successful Early Childhood Development (ECD).

Major achievements:

  1. Rwamagana District: 06 Classrooms and outdoors plays.
  2. Bugesera District: 03 Classrooms and outdoors plays.
  3. Gasabo District: 06 Classroom and outdoors plays.
  4. Kigeme refugee Camp: 06 classrooms.

Project duration:                January 2013- March 2015

Donor:                                   Department for International
Development /DFID

Geographical area:            Western province- Karongi, Nyamasheke,
Rusize, and Rutsiro Districts.

Target Beneficiaries: 2,216 (16 tutors, 200 pre-service, 600 in service, 400 children with SNE and 1000 parents)

Project goal: The participation of children with Special Educational Needs in quality inclusive education at basic education level is sustainably increased.

Project Summary: ADRA Rwanda in consortium with Handicap International is implementing Inclusive Education Partnerships Awareness raising Consultation and Training Project (IE PACT). The project promotes effective teaching and learning by strengthening the capacity of TTCs to promote skills and tools needed to encourage inclusive education in schools. It also uses appropriate technology in education to provide cost effective training in IE methodology at school level and promotes accountability and empowerment through organization of advocacy for IE among stakeholders from district to community level. In partnerships with DEOs, the intervention targets education provision at the levels of teacher education and primary education through observations of best practice. Former KIE now Rwanda University college of Education is provide continuous professional training of SNE/IE to tutors of Mururu and Rubengera TTCs who in turn provides training to pre and in-service teachers at TTCs. They also through teacher-facilitated workshops, mentoring and reflective practice at school level, strengthen the capacity of their peers to provide quality education

Project Duration                2010-2015

Donor                                   Global Fund through Ministry of health

Geographical area             30 districts: 416 sector

Target Beneficiaries: Stigma reduction training for 16,640 PLWHAs and OVCs in 30 districts. 11,000 condom outlets set up. 25,714 prisoners mobilized to circumcise.

Project Goal: scaling up HIV/AIDS Response with a focus on prevention.

Project Summary: The project works to stigma reduction among people in 416 sectors. Set up 14,400 condom outlets in 30 districts. Male circumcision campaigns in 14 prisons targeting at least 32,000 male prisoners.