Project Duration                1 April 2015 to 31 December 2016

Donor                                   World Food Program

Geographical area             Kigeme, Nyabiheke, Mugombwa, Kiziba
and Gihembe camps in Rwanda and Mahama refugee camp

Project Objective: The intervention will specifically involve management of food warehouses in the refugees camps in collaboration with WFP, this will include ensuring that food stocks are timely received on delivery, documented and well stacked for easy reference and on spot physical stock taking by any interested party. There will be daily recordings of stock movements clearly indicated on both stock and stack cards, way bills, delivery notes, issue orders and food requests reflected by refugees’ distribution lists generated by UNHCR

Duration                               3 months (September- November 2015)

Donor                                    ADRA Network

Geographical area             Mahama Refugee Camp/Kirehe District

Project Goal: The project will provide decent temporally classrooms for 3,150-refugee student inside Mahama refugee camp to cater for the Burundian refugees children needs of accessing basic education while in exile.

Project Duration                1 January 2015- 31 December 2015

Donor                                   UNHCR

Geographical area:            5 Congolese Refugee Camps (Kigeme, Gihembe, Nyabiheke, Kiziba Mugombwa ,Refugees in Urban area) and 1 Burundian refugee camp and reception centres

Target Beneficiaries: 27,891 refugees

Project Goal: To increase enrolment, improve retention and completion rates, and enhance learning outcomes for refugee children in the refugee camps, by providing training in learning focused and inclusive methodologies to teachers, career’s guidance to secondary students and skills training to early leavers.

Project Summary: ADRA Rwanda provides regular education provision, including catch-up classes, teacher salaries, transportation, materials and uniforms. Inclusive education, including additional training, curriculum and materials revision, careers guidance, vocational training and a life links Programme preparing young people to enter employment. The Inclusive Refugee Education Management Project seeks to improve the education status of refugee camps (Gihembe, Nyabiheke, Kiziba, Kigeme, Mugombwa and Kigali urban); through the delivery of quality educational and logistics operation services. The logistics and supply operations component will operate from the UNHCR logistics base in Kigali in the activities of food and good distribution, warehouse and stores management, fleet management and fuel distribution management to support all refugee camps and transit centers.

4. Response to Burundians refugees/ WFP

Duration 1st May –October 2015
Donor: WFP
Geographical area: Mahama Refugee Camp

Project goal: This project is about food distribution in the newly established refugee camp for Burundians refugees in Mahama in Kirehe District

Project Duration                1 April -31 December 2015

Donor                                   World Food Program

Geographical area             5 Refugee Camps: Kigeme, Gihembe,
Nyabiheke, Kiziba Mugombwa.

Target Beneficiaries: 30,474 students’ refugees and Nationals in eleven schools (5 schools inside the camps and 6 National schools outside the camp).

Project Goal: Contribute to positive learning outcomes by enhancing cognition, thus improving participation in school.

Project Summary: School feeding programs are targeted social safety that provides both educational and health benefits to the vulnerable children, thereby increasing enrollment rates, retention rate, reducing absenteeism, and improving food security at the household level. Additionally, school feeding programs are increasingly being viewed as a potential safety net and as a social support measure that helps keep children in school. Supporting school feeding programs and essentially linking access to both food and education for vulnerable refugee children living in highly food-insecure areas. It is estimated that more than 50% of refugee population at Gihembe, Nyabiheke, Kiziba, Mugombwa and Kigeme camps are under the age of 18, where it is targeting all ongoing refugee students and national students were refugee students are integrated.
This project is supported by WFP and implemented by ADRA where each child is receiving one cup of porridge per school days. In order to achieve the overall object, the project constructed 4 additional kitchens at national schools and equipped with utensils. Like cooking pots, shelves, table’s buckets and jugs.