ADRA has been transforming lives in Rwanda for more than 37 years.

ADRA Rwanda, a national humanitarian organization of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, is part of the worldwide ADRA network with representation in over 135 countries. Our mission is to work with people in poverty and distress to create justness and positive change through empowering partnership and responsible action. We have been operating in Rwanda for over 37 years.

Since 1978, we have been involved in Improving Education for all Rwandan communities, strengthening food security opportunities for Rwandan communities, improving the status of Rwandan communities through access and quality services, raising the economic status of target communities in Rwanda for sustainable poverty reduction and responding to disaster and emergency situations in Rwanda in an effective and efficient manner.

In partnership with the Rwanda Government and donors, we have over the last five years reached 946,378 people including women and children in the area of Livelihood and Food Security; 3,147,207 in Health; 506,046 people in Education; and reached 200, 000 people in the area of emergency management.

We have also been implementing Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), disaster risk management and Natural resources Management programmes for the past 10 years. To ensure that the communities adapt to long term changes in the environment, we mainstream CCA and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) into food security and livelihood and adopting approaches that incorporate cooperatives and capacity building of local partners and engages stakeholders at the District and National levels.